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Board Minutes for Pride 2016

Please find PDF format documentation of the Board Minutes.  These documents include the Regular Meeting Minutes, Executive Sessions, and E-mail Votes and are organized by date. Original documents are available for viewing at the monthly Board Meetings.  Questions or concerns about the minutes may also be addressed at those meetings.

01/14/2016 Minutes

02/11/2016 Minutes

03/10/2016 Minutes (not available yet)

04/14/2016 Minutes

05/12/2016 Minutes

06/09/16 Minutes

07/14/2016 Minutes

07/22/2016 Email Vote Marketing Swag

07/22/2016 Email Vote Gender Reel

08/11/2016 Minutes

08/29/2016 Special Minutes-Board Appointments 

9/15/2016 Special Minutes

9/19/2016 Special Minutes

09/22/2016 Minutes (Christina Has)

10/27/2016 Minutes

11/17/2016 Minutes

12/15/2016 Minutes