Open Board & Chair Positions

Heartland Pride began as a task force in the fall of 2010. Today, Heartland Pride (United in Pride) is an IRS 501(c) non-profit, charitable organization. Our volunteers, board members, and committee chairs are comprised of proactive people from all walks of life.

We welcome those who want to contribute their time, money, talents, and other treasures. With your help, everything is possible!

Operations & Logistics Member At Large

The Operations and Logistics board member will play a vital role in ensuring that Heartland Pride events run smoothly. They will help order and secure the equipment and materials needed for the various events the organization hosts throughout the year.

As part of that process, they will ensure that everything is in place to create a safe and welcoming space for all community members.


Diversity & Inclusion Member At Large 

The Diversity and Inclusion board member pro-actively fosters an inclusive environment in which diverse perspectives and backgrounds are welcome at all Heartland Pride events. Their goal is to ensure that individuals within our represented community have equitable access and representation in all aspects of the organization (Policy, events, etc.). In support of that goal, this individual will serve as a liaison to the LGBTQ+ community in the Omaha metro area to understand the various groups that make up the community and find ways for the organization to actively engage with them.


Youth Pride Member At Large 

The Youth Pride board member will coordinate and manage all of the organization’s efforts to support the youth in our community and actively look for ways to expand these efforts. This would include planning and executing the annual Youth Pride event, overseeing the logistics of the Kid’s Corner at Pride, and managing the scholarship program with the assistance of other members of the board.


Parade Chair

The Parade Chair will assist with planning and executing the annual Pride Parade to make sure that everything is in place for it to be a successful event. This will include coordinating with the various groups who participate in the parade as well as the city officials who help us execute this aspect of Pride every year.