Frequently Asked Questions

for the 2021 Parade & Festival

Safety & Security

What items are not allowed at the festival?

  • Any weapon, including objects that resemble a weapon and/or are fake. This includes folks who are legally allowed to carry concealed weapons. There will be no way to check in your weapons with security or guest services. Please make necessary arrangements for storing your firearms.
  • Alcohol, Illegal Substances, E-Cigs, Vapes. Other smoking items and E-cigs, will not permitted in the facility. 
  • Outside food or beverages. The only exception to this is clear plastic water bottles for water.
  • Balloons. 
  • Artificial noise making devices of any kind, whistles and airhorns.
  • Laser pointing devices and glow sticks
  • Hover boards, Heely, Skateboards and Rollerskates
  • Large Umbrellas or Golf Umbrellas
  • Fireworks, Pyrotechnics, Confetti, Glitter, Aerosols
  • Bicycles, Helmets, Chairs.
  • Obscene Clothing and Indecent Clothing
  • Any items that are deemed to compromise public safety

If I encounter protestors, what should I do?

If you encounter protestors, for your safety, we ask that you do not engage and inform one of the Elite Tactical Agents, who are our allies and will be providing security at the events.

We understand that some will want to engage and defend the community, however we want to make sure everyone is safe. 

Will they search by bag?                                                                                                                

Yes. All persons will be checked, and bags inspected at the door. Any restricted items will need to be either thrown away or returned to your vehicle. 

What security measures will be implemented? 

We have contracted with Elite Tactical, for security the day of the event. We chose Elite as they have a demonstrable track record at providing industry leading security, are intersectional allies and we know they respect the lived experience and identities of members of our community. 

Given the nature of the event and the parade, there will also be local law enforcement agencies present to make sure that the event and the public at large, are safe and secure. 

Local Law Enforcement will be mostly visible on the periphery of the event, While Elite Tactical will be present within the event and serve as the primary security agency.

Accessibility Questions

Will there be listening devices?                                                                               

Listening devices may be checked out free of charge at the Guest Services Desk. A valid I.D. is required to ensure the return of the equipment.

Will there be ASL interpreters for the entertainment?

There will be interpreters in the Arena area. 

What if I’m neurodivergent, will there be space to step away from the crowds and stimuli?

Yes! One of the first things mentioned was having a space where someone could step away to within the festival to decompress away from the crowds, the entertainment, and what can be an overly stimulating environment, so at your discretion, you can step away decompress and then when you’re ready pop back into the festival and continue to participate. 

This room will have easy access to restrooms. More information about it’s location to come. 

Where is the accessible vehicle drop-off?                                                                  

Access to the drop off locations are located on the West side of the CHI Health Center.


Wheelchair assistance is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to the limited number of wheelchairs available, they may not be used as seating during an event. If wheelchair assistance is necessary during and event, please contact the nearest Guest Services staff member

Where are elevators located?

The elevator just inside the main entrance on the ground level on the convention side.  

General Questions


How much does the festival cost?

General Admissions tickets cost $19.99 And $75 for VIP. 

Do children need a festival ticket?

Children 6 and under are admitted free of charge.

What does the cost of the festival ticket go towards?

The proceeds that are raised from the Pride festival, will go towards funding the scholarships that Heartland Pride offers. Which this year we increased the amount by 50% and added a 4th scholarship, to be more diverse, equitable, & inclusive and to provide increased opportunity for the entirety of the LGBTQIA2S+ community. We also make donations to our 13 Pride Alliance groups to support the work of those that have made a commitment to partner together to in advancing LGBTQIA2S+ work in the community, and we also support a variety of organizations throughout the year and sponsor LGBTQIA2S+ events.

Are discounted hotel rooms available?

We are working with local hotels to provide this. More information to come. 

Are there gender neutral bathrooms at the festival?

We will be designating gender neutral bathrooms at CHI Health Center. More information to come.