Board of Directors

The Heartland Pride Board of Directors is made up of community members who volunteer their time and effort to bring about Heartland Pride’s vision statement that “We believe in a day that the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender community is recognized for it’s contributions, globally integrated and where equality and civil rights have been achieved for all.”

Since 2010, we have valued the participation and involvement in the greater Omaha area, we are excited each year that our Pride Parade is hosted in beautiful and welcoming Council Bluffs. And since, 2011, Stinson Park has been home to the Pride Festival. It demonstrates our strength, our cooperation, and the resolve of our community to work together to produce such a diverse event each year.

Phillip Koenig


Robert Estes

Vice President

Nikkie Trahan-Ferris


Natalie Bussing

Community Outreach & Volunteering Board Member

Dominic Green

Board Member - Entertainment

Cody Brookhouser-Sisney

Board Member - Logistics

Kathy Estes

Fundraising Committee Chair

Danny Schwager

Danny Schwager

Marketing Communications Chair

Andrew Meyers

Andrew Meyers




Entertainment Co-Chair

Dominque Morgan

Diversity & Inclusion/Youth Pride Board Member

Vacant Job

Vacant Job

Parade Chair