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E Creative

Contact: Sarah Kole
Work Phone: 402.960.4891

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We are drawn to work with clients who are making a difference and doing extraordinary work within our neighborhoods. We are humbled and excited to partner with positive change-makers. This is how we become part of the thread that connects the right people and services together. It is important to us to invest in our clients and the community organizations that align with our values.

At E Creative, we are stewards for our clients, serving them through meaningful and thoughtful branding and marketing strategies that work for them. Knowing that our work has a far greater reach is a responsibility we take to heart.


Relationships, they are everything to us.
Being authentic and successful at everything we do.
Creativity that makes a lasting difference in people’s lives.
Quality more than quantity.
How we make people feel through design.


To see the world through others’ eyes.
To always go deep into our creative work.
To create meaningful work with people we enjoy—and the double whammy of doing it for clients who are making valuable contributions to the world.


In watching our families and partners-who-are-friends grow and thrive.
In reaching people in a remarkable and unforgettable way.
When our clients confide in us.
When our professional relationship becomes a personal friendship.

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