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Nebraska Furniture Mart



Photo of Nebraska Furniture Mart

A Stable and Growing Company


  • NFM was founded in 1937. The company has been open over 76 years!

  • NFM currently employs over 2800 employees (June 2013: Does not include any Texas employees)

  • Our new Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas will employ 2200!

  • Number of layoffs in the history of NFM = 0!!!!

  • Longest employment record of an NFM employee was 58 years

  • Over four generations have worked at NFM.

  • The average number of years of service for an NFM employee is 7 years

  • As of June 2013, NFM has had over 200 people exceed 20 years of employment

  • Over 300 NFM employees have been awarded the company’s highest honor: the President’s Award

  • NFM has employees who speak the following languages; English, Spanish, Kurdish, Turkish, Hindi, French, ASL, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Ukrainian, and Chinese!

  • NFM participates in at least two walk/run charities per year in each location

  • NFM has hosted auditions for America’s Next Top Model, Biggest Loser, and Amazing Race

  • NFM offers several fitness classes for its employees; such as Pi-Yo (Pilates & Yoga mix), Bootcamp, Zumba, Stress-Relief Yoga, a Walking Club, and more!

  • NFM employees have lost more than 3500lbs participating in the FAST program

  • Over 97% of currently employed staff (06/2013) participates in the NFM 401K program

  • NFM offers a variety of training to their employees. Trainings include; New Hire Orientation, Sales Training, Distribution Center Training, Service Plus, Leadership Development Program, Safety Training, Training Within Industry, and many more!

  • 90% of NFM leadership is hired from within the company!

  • The average annual revenue for the Omaha and Des Moines locations is over $400 million.

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