2024 Heartland Pride Festival

Vendor Instructions 

The Basics

Thank you so much for participating in the 2024 Heartland Pride festival! We are so excited for this year’s events!

The Heartland Pride festival is Friday, July 12th (Youth Pride) and Saturday, 13th, 2024 (Parade and Festival) at CHI Health Center (455 N 10th St, Omaha, NE, 68102).

For Youth Pride (July 12th), the indoor vendor area will open at 5:00 pm through 9 pm for the guests and 12:30 pm through 5 pm on the 13th for the Festival. Vendors will be in Halls A, B, C, as well as rooms 212, 213, 215 and 216. You will be given detailed instructions when you check in on where your booth is located. There are maps available on CHIs website if you like and idea of where you might be.

Before the Festival

Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] regarding any modifications you may need to make to your booth order. We can make alterations to accommodate for disabilities, electrical needs (ADDITIONAL FEE), or bigger space (ADDITIONAL FEE). We want to make you aware that beginning the week of July 8th, if you request electricity, the fee is $300. This is not our fee, rather it is a fee CHI places on the event.

After 11:00am on the 13th the rear doors of the vendor hall (the dock) will be closed, and you will not be able to enter from the rear/east side of the building. Please enter through the entrances on the North side of the building to check-in for your vendor space. You will have to hand carry any items that you need to bring into your booth is you are using that entrance.

There is a clear bag policy instituted at CHI arena and convention center. All attendees arriving through the front doors of the arena will be subject to inspection, and bags over a certain size are not allowed unless they are clear. If you will be giving out bags as part of your booth swag, please send me a picture or let me know so I can communicate this to the convention center security. We want everyone to be safe at Pride and must comply with CHI center regulations.

Important Information

All booths will have one 8’ table and 2 chairs. If you need additional chairs, you will need to provide these. If you need tablecloths, you will need to provide these. If you need additional tables, you will need to provide these. Please note the dimensions of a regular booth are 10’x10’. No tablecloths will be provided. HLP will only provide one table and 2 chairs. Anything additional will need to be provided by you.

Vendor Check-in and Setup

  • You may arrive at CHI Health Center on Friday, July 12th to set up your booth starting at 1:00pm and ending at 4:30 pm. This is the night of our Youth Pride, so we ask all vendors not participating in Youth Pride to be out of the building by 4:45 pm. Please do not keep any swag or materials out if you are not a part of Youth Pride, as the youth may help themselves to it. (PLEASE NOTE: All artisan booths and Non-Profit booths are part of Youth Pride. All of these booths must be manned for this event.)
  • You may arrive at CHI Health Center on Saturday, July 13th to set up your booth between 7:00 am and 11:00 am. We will be opening the doors to the vendor hall at 12:00 pm to allow parade attendees time to get to their booths.
    • You can then enter the Convention Hall through the North Entrance to continue setting up your booth.
  • You may arrive at CHI Health Center on Saturday, July 13th at 12:00 pm and check in at the North entrance (near Lot D) but you will not be permitted to load your booth items. A Heartland Pride Representative will be at the front entrance to check you in and direct you to your booth.
  • Booth set up ends at 11 am Saturday no exceptions.

Booths will be assigned at vendor check-in and will be communicated to you when you arrive.

  • To check in and set up your vendor booth, you may park behind the building, as shown in the attached map with artistic green arrows. You will also be able to park near the loading dock, also depicted in the attached map. Once you are done unloading, please move your vehicle to Lot D.
  • A Heartland Pride Representative will be at the loading dock to check you in and direct you to your booth. You will not be permitted to load your booth items through any other entry points at CHI Health Center. At the loading dock, we will provide carts and/or dollies to assist in loading in your booth items. Some vendors found it beneficial to bring a wagon to help them transport their things.
  • Please move your car away from the dock before setting up your booth to allow for smoother loading and unloading. You will then proceed to your assigned space and set up your booth items.
  • There will be NO parking passes provided for the vendor lot behind the building.
  • It is recommended that you park in Lot D or Lot B. It is paid parking, which I am unable to do
    anything about due to contract, but it is close to the entrance to reduce walk time.

Booth Tear Down

When the Youth Pride event ends at 9 pm on the 12th, the vendor hall will be closed and locked to non- CHI personnel. If you are not doing the festival on Saturday, please tear down your equipment at 9:30 pm so that you can be out by 10 pm.

If you are returning on Saturday, you will be able to leave your booth up for the night, and no booths will move between days. Palace rooms will be locked as well.

When the vendor area closes at 5 pm on Saturday, July 13th, vendors must tear down their booths and unload their booth items through the loading dock. You will not be permitted to unload your booth items through any other entry/exit points at CHI Health Center. You are welcome to enjoy the festival after you have broken down your booth if you would like to. Please keep your wristband on if you wish to do so. A vendor band is equivalent to a General Admission. It will allow you into the festival portion in the Arena area once the vendor space has closed.


  • Tickets/wristbands that are included with booth purchase will be given to the individual that checks in for your organization.
  • Tickets/wristbands are presorted in envelopes based on booth type.
  • Additional tickets will need to be purchased from either the website or the ticketing booths the day of. The vendor check in desk will not have any additional bands/tickets for sale.
  • The ticketing office and the check in desk will not hold individual tickets/wristbands for pickup.
  • Each Vendor Booth will be roughly a 10’x 10’ space (unless otherwise noted or requested). Each
    booth comes with one 8’ table, as well as 2 chairs. Any extra chairs or tables the vendor will have to provide.
  • Youth Pride does not use tickets/wristbands. Please do not use tickets/wristbands provided during vendor check in on July 12th, these will not be replaced.

Tickets/Wristbands by Vendor Type

Should additional tickets need to be purchased, you may do so onTicketmaster. Tickets may also be purchased at the CHI box office during regular box office hours to avoid Ticketmaster fees.

CHI Vendor Rules

Please find and familiarize yourself with the CHI Health Center’s vendor rules as well as items that are prohibited inside CHI Health Center. You can obtain the most up to date information on CHI vendor rules on their website: It is critical that you comply with these rules; otherwise, you may not be allowed to participate. Stickers are not allowed to be given out at your booth.


More details will be coming on the parade setup information. Look for a separate email on that if you are also participating in the parade. If you have any questions, please reply to this email and we will assist you. Thank you so much again for your participation and support. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Happy Pride!

Reagan Smith,
Heartland Pride Logistics Coordinator

[email protected]