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Iowa Cancer Consortium


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The Iowa Cancer Consortium is a partnership of health care providers, public health professionals, caregivers, researchers, cancer survivors, volunteers, and many other Iowans who work together to reduce the burden of cancer in Iowa.

What Does the Iowa Cancer Consortium Do?

  • Establishes and grows partnerships between individuals and organizations, enhancing partners’ abilities to help reduce the burden of cancer in Iowa.
  • Provides a neutral setting for agencies competing for the same funding and patient base to work together to advance common cancer control issues.
  • Leverages state funds to the fullest extent by using the expertise of volunteers and members.
  • Provides technical assistance and capacity building for cancer control work at the local level.
  • Provides funding through a competitive grants process to programs and projects that advance priorities in the Iowa Cancer Plan.
  • Provides free or reduced-cost cancer control materials and trainings within Iowa.
  • Holds Iowa’s only state-wide cancer control conference, connecting health-care providers, researchers, public health officials, private sector representatives, survivors, legislators, social workers, caregivers, and other Iowans to talk about cancer and exchange best practices.

Check out our end-of-year highlights for overviews of Consortium accomplishments.

Consortium members are the life force of the organization and guide its activities. Staff provide support every step of the way.

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